They Were Riding Down The River, When Something Started Rushing at Their Boat with Terrifying Speed! WTF!

A photo safari on the Chobe River in Botswana was suppose to be a peaceful ride in a small boat where tourists would enjoy the beautiful image of blue water against a green shoreline, but than something terrifying started going on. Some guy was filming the river when something started rising to the surface and rushing at the boat very fast. It was an incredibly close encounter with one of the deadliest animals in Africa, and these guys were very lucky that things did not took a more dangerous turn!

Hippos are responsible for many more human deaths than any other wild animal in Africa, and despite their cute appearance, they can very dangerous. By the way, on the video it seems like the hippo is swimming, but hippos can`t swim, they just move through the water by pushing themselves off of rocks or other things. But checkout how fast it is! Incredible!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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