Kid Would Throw Up Every Morning Before School Because of Bullies, Then He Met A Football Star Who Changed His Life

Bullying is a terrible thing, an experience that can leave a profound scar on child’s life, and it seems like things are getting worse every day. The five-year-old kid named Ryan was just one of the victims of bullying, and he suffered so much that he would throw up every morning before school. Fortunately, everything changed when a a high school football star walked in his life.

Chris Kuykendall plays football at Hobbs High School is New Mexico and he is extremely popular student, but this was not the case when he was younger. He too experienced how it feels to be bullied every day, so when he heard Ryan`s story he knew he had to do something to help the poor kid.

Chris and his football friend, Brevin, would have lunch with the five year old every day and when the bullies saw this, they immediately stopped disrespecting him. He is now a boy with a big smile on his face, and seeing him happy is just priceless.


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