Rescuers Ride Through The Floodwaters , Then They Spot An Exhausted Pit Bull Crying for Help…

Historic Louisiana floods have devastated thousands of homes, 30,000 people have been rescued, but unfortunately for some it was too late. Many volunteers have applied to help searching for people and pets and Mike Anderson and Darrell Watson were among them. These wonderful guys took out a boat and started searching for life in the neighborhoods in Baton Rouge when they spotted two Pit Bulls trapped by the floodwaters and needing help…

Young black puppy was somehow managing to survive the rising waters by clinging to the edge of a chain-link fence. When they pulled it out of the water, they could see the happiness on it’s face.

Anderson posted a video of their first rescue on Facebook.

[iframe id=”″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

Next, came the rescue of a white Pit Bull also perched on top of the chain link fence. The poor dog looks desperate as the men paddle to him.

[iframe id=”″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

Great job they did, these two heroes, and they did not stop there, they even volunteered to foster the two pit bulls, should the animal shelters be too full to hold them. Amazing!

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