Hero Rescue Worker Saves A Baby From Rubble in Syria, Then Breaks Down in Tears

Horrible things are going on in Syria and people are getting killed every day. The saddest part is that children are suffering in these conflicts.

A recent air strike left a four-story building in rubble, and many innocent people trapped under. Members of Syrian Civil Defense were looking for survivors when one of them noticed a baby buried in ruins. He dug through the rubble for hours to reach the baby before he had her in his arms.

The infant was covered in dust and some blood when he took her into an ambulance car. At that moment, he just could not hold on any more, and broke down in tears. He kept repeating “Ya Allah,” meaning “Dear God.”

Fortunately, the baby’s family also survived the attack, and she was taken to a nearby hospital.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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