Heartbreaking Rescue of A Mountain Lion Who Lived for 20 Years Chained in The Back of A Pick-Up Truck!

Wild animals are magnificent creatures and they are meant to be free, not to be imprisoned. Even the best zoos in this world can not provide all the things that are natural and important to animals. But, can you imagine spending your entire life in a small space that isn’t big enough to do anything you enjoy doing, like playing with friends, exploring, or traveling. Everyone will say that that would be cruel. Well, Mufasa the mountain lion lived for 20 years chained in the back of a pick-up truck until wildlife officials and Animal Defenders International rescued him!

This elderly cat was a circus animal and despite Peru’s ban on wild animals in circuses they managed to go undetected for so long. It was heartbreaking to see Mufasa stretching free without chains for the first time after many many years. These good people returned him to the Peruvian forest where he will get all the special care and a life he deserves.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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