He pours Water into the Pan to make a Delicious Meal!

For many of us, the smell of bacon in the morning is the best way to begin the day. There are many ways to serve it, weather you like it crispy, or maple glazed, or maybe, and this one is my favorite, in combination with eggs. Anyway, this salty pork meal is just delicious, so when I found this video, I just had to share it with you.

It was posted by America`s Test Kitchen and it shows us how to make bacon even better. If you watch the clip carefully, you will see the chef explaining how to properly prepare it. The secret is in pouring the water into the frying pan. According to this guy that will help in keeping the cooking temperature low, so the slice of meat retains its moisture. This will also preserve the bacon from burning. What you get is so delicious, that I just can not wait to go home and try this method!

Watch through the whole video, and share please!!!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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