He Jumps into the Stranger’s Car to create a Hilarious Prank!

You have probably heard by now of a new taxi service called Uber. It is an app based service, and using your smartphone you can request a ride with the push of a button and track your driver’s progress to your location. So, no need to call a dispatcher or hail on the street. But, sometimes it is not so obvious who the Uber driver is, because most of them use their own cars. And just that is what Prankster FouseyTube decided to use this time.

He actually prank some people by jumping into their cars pretending he thought they were Uber drivers, and he caught some hilarious reactions. Everyone of them were confused, but soon get a little bit angry. One actually agreed to drive him, and asked how much he is willing to pay, but on the other case the other driver began chasing Fousey down the street. I laughed all the time.

Check out this viral video, and enjoy.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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