She Hangs Christmas Lights In Her Bedroom. Now Watch When The Camera Zooms Out! Awesome!

If you are looking for ideas to redecorate your room without having to spend lots of money, than this video is just the right thing for you. This woman came up with an awesome plan for a full light-up headboard, and as you will see the end result looks stunning. The project is very simple and cheap, and you are going to be needing just a few things to give your bedroom a memorable look.

After you go out and buy a curtain rod, two boxes of Christmas lights, wall-mounted hooks, and a sheer curtain, you can get started. Hang up the curtain rod, place the mounted hooks on the wall and drop the Christmas lights on them. If you followed the instructions on the video carefully, your wall should be looking better than ever.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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