Hands Down, One Of The Most Jaw-Dropping Things I’ve Ever Seen!

This is one of the most fantastic videos I have ever seen! A record-breaking school of mobular rays took over the waters off the coast of Baja, California and it was all caught on film!

They are like a spectacular group of UFOs flying out of the sky to amaze. These rays are amazing and one you see them up close you can realize that they are very intelligent and fascinating creatures.

Selective breeding maybe, but breeding all the same. We all adapt according to our environment and our offspring represent both the environmental adaption and the genetic mixing. As I said I am not denying evolution I am merely stating that it has not been proven, nor is this video evidence for evolution.

There is a massive difference between actual evolution forming new species and adaptions made with in species in response to environment or selective breeding.
This is the problem. We can observe the way our skin tone differs in different climates and accounts for the different “races” of the human species. But we are all of the same species. The missing links between man and other apes has not been bridged, same goes for other species.

The best evidence that can be given for evolution is the links between different species, both current and extinct, that suggest a possible development but the missing links remain. So unless evolution theory is remodelled to include drastic mutations that cause one species to instantly mutate into another the theory of evolution remains unproven, full of hole, full of “missing links” and as such remains nothing more than a theory. It may have legitimate, logical basis but it remain nothing more than an unproven theory which has actually had to change and adapt to avoid actually being disproven by archaeological evidence.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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