Guy Tosses Tuna To A School Of Predatory Giant Trevally Fish. What Happens Next it A Sight to Behold

Feeding fish is usually very relaxing and sometimes even boring task, but not if you are feeding giant trevally. For those who do not know, giant trevally is a predatory fish that is many times mistaken for a piranha. GT is so voracious and powerful, that it doesn’t have anything to fear besides sharks and humans!

How if feels when a group of these predators are feeding is truly something incredible. A fisherman on this video is about to toss them tuna and and he decided to record a video of an entire thing. The moment tuna fell in the water it seemed like the brawl started. It was a matter of seconds before these feisty guys devour the whole thing.

Seeing this video, I am glad GT’s do not mess with humans. They obviously have quite an appetite.


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