You Just Have To Hear This Guy Play A Clarinet Made Out Of A Carrot! WTF!

Maybe you have heard before about Linsey Pollak and maybe you have not, but the world will definitely remember him about his amazing skills of making musical instruments. Linsey has been doing this since 1971 when he started making bamboo flutes. He truly posses a unique talent and his instruments are, lets say a little strange, but the important thing is they all work flawlessly. Well, Linsey really loves music and he thinks that we tend to leave music in the hands of the experts, instead of taking a part and making our own instruments, for example.

What you are going to see on this video is his amazing demonstration of how to create and play a carrot clarinet. It may look like a joke, but when you hear the sound of a carrot with a saxophone mouthpiece on top of it you are going to love it. Check it out, and why not, give it a try and become a carrot clarinet player!

[youtube id=”BISrGwN-yH4″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

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