This Guy Hooked a Parachute Through His Skin To Take BASE Jumping Into A Whole New Level! Incredible!

BASE Jumping is an activity that involves jumping from buildings or earth cliffs with an initially packed parachute. There is no many things that will give you such a thrilling experience as launching oneself into a low-altitude free fall, but for some people that is just not enough. Some adrenaline junkies have taken this jumping to a whole new level, and this is definitely not for everyone.

This video was filmed in Ton Sai, Thailand, and you are about to see what it looks like to  basejump from a 377 ft cliff with a parachute pierced into a skin! A guy from San Francisco named Josh Miramant is just one of these thrill seekers and I dare you to watch this incredible video. From my point of view, I can not understand why would someone do this, but Josh had obviously loved it!

[youtube id=”gbuN2jTdqdM” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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