Guy Bikes a Bridge in the Most Terrifying Way Possible. This is Unbelievable.

Watch this professional stuntman, part of the Stunt Freaks Team, take it to a whole new level as he crosses a bridge in an epic way.

Very few videos make me leave pinch marks on the seat my chair….this was one of them.

Bridges are a pretty easy concept to understand. Don’t fall off and don’t start climbing one, and you’ll be fine.

Epic bridge crossing. Don’t try this at home… unless you are a professional stuntman.

Its like the old saying anyone can walk the plank when its on the ground but put that same plank hundreds of feet in the air then 99% loose then nerve. This guy has that nerve.

This member of the Stunt Freaks team, however, defied all logic and pulled a trick usually reserved only for video games — he rode his bike up and down the beams of a bridge. A daring stuntman like him must have seen worse, but it’s a terrifying experience to even the bravest souls who don’t make their living cheating death.

He caught the whole video on a GoPro, so we can all enjoy his insane hi-jinks in hi-definition. Unless you have vertigo, of course, in which case, steer clear.

[youtube id=”x_pap50wcUs” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

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