Grow Your Eyelashes In Just 1 Week With 1 Simple Ingredient! It’s Absolutely Awesome!

There are so many cosmetics on the shelves these days you could go cross-eyed trying to figure out which ones to buy. And the funniest part about it is that there are countless at-home remedies that work just as well, using ingredients you already have! Not only can you make your own lipstick using crayons (it’s true!), you can make your nails grow incredibly fast using only orange juice and garlic!

Those are only two examples, but there are so many more, including this amazing tip that I had never thought of before: using Vaseline to help your eyelashes and eyebrows grow.

I never knew there was a way to make my eyelashes grow, especially without buying something expensive with a lot of chemicals in it, but since this remedy is so easy and quick (and I already have a jar of Vaseline), I can’t wait to try it out!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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