These Sisters Were Suppose To Give A Wedding Toast, But Bride And Groom Never Expected Something Like This, EVER!

It has become sort of a tradition for a made of honor to give a speech and you might noticed that very few of them are unique. Most of the times you would already know what you are going to hear. Well, Kelsey and Maddie Hallerman made sure that this don`t happen at their sister Caitlyn’s wedding cause they came up with one of the best wedding speeches ever!

Kelsey and Maddie were maids of honor at the wedding in Lake Tahoe, CA and when the time came for a speech, everyone expected something ordinary, but they were all but not ordinary. They picked up some nice songs and wrote lyrics that go perfectly with the music. Their singing speech was a delight for their sister and her new husband, and it was clear that they worked very hard on this. Check out how bride and groom reacted! Amazing!

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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