This Must Be The Greatest Shot Ever Made During a Ping Pong Match!

Table tennis, or also known as ping-pong, is the second most popular game in the world. Ping-pong ball is the official name for the sport in China, and table tennis is a sport that anyone can play. It is popular between the elite and the less fortunate people can play it too cause it does not require a big investment. All you need to play it are a pair of paddles and ball and a table and net that can easily be improvised. But, the one thing that you have to posses is the enormous amount of skill, and this video shows one of the best moves ever played in this game.

The clip was posted by bogeyhunter9, who is a member of Team Nexy USA, and this team consists of coaches and players who show off their skills in an aim to grow the sport of table tennis. He was playing against Kit Jeerapaet, and during the match Kit performed the awesome shot behind the back that nobody expected! Check out this amazing shot!

[youtube id=”IumELWqOScA” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I Already Did
I Already Did

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