Guy Sees Something Thrashing Around In Shallow Waters, Then Moves Closer And Gets The Shock Of His Life

Dale Pearson from California was just outside his home when he noticed something thrashing in the ocean. It was definitely something large, but he was not quite sure if it’s a beached whale or struggling hammerhead shark. He moved a few more steps into the water, and then realized it was something far more terrifying!

Turns out that it was actually a great white shark swimming in water that was about 3 feet deep. Imagine the shock on this man’s face when he saw a 14 feet predator right in front of him!

Turns out the animal was struggling because of the two open wounds on its back. Injuries were probably caused by a boat propeller, but it was not life-threatening. Within a couple of days, the shark had swam off, but the video went viral.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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