He Used His Naked Concrete Courtyard to Make A Daybed Out of Grass! Brilliant!

There is no better way to seize a nice day than by going out on a picnic with some friends or family and when you get tired of all the outdoor activity you can simply lay down on that cozy lawn and take a nap. Of course, if you would have a backyard large enough for a lawn than you could enjoy this way at home, but do not despair cause Jason Hodges has an awesome idea for a nice grassy bed that can fit even in the barest space!

With only a little bit of work, you will turn your naked concrete backyard into a perfect little hang out spot. Make sure to watch the entire video and catch all the tricks that will help you build this bed of grass. Afterwards you can just lay down and enjoy your comfortable bed.

I will definitely give this a try, and how about you?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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