This Grandma Went Into Tears when She Saw her Granddaughter’s Dress! Adorable!

Older people love to tell stories about their youth, and all of their beautiful memories from decades away. But, what happens when some of the recollections start reviving in front of them. This grandma could not hide her emotions when she saw the dress her granddaughter has decided to wear for her graduation night. Girl did a special honor to her granny by wearing her prom night dress, and when she found out, it was a very touching moment with lots of tears.

This dress was given to her when she was a little girl for “dress up”, but her parents have decided to keep it in the closet, and they did a wonderful thing. Grandma Dottie’s wore this prom dress 57 years ago, and she had no idea that it was still very much alive. When her granddaughter made a decision to wear it for her special night, Grandma had no idea about that, so they have decided to record the moment she finds out.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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