Grandma Is Sick Of Rude Drivers Speeding Down Her Street, So She Comes Up With Ingenious Solution

Living next to a fast road can quickly turn into an issue, especially at nights. This grandmother of four from Nottinghamshire, England, knows exactly what I am talking about. She has been dealing with streets speeding problems for quite a while, and decided to stop those rude drivers once and for all. Her solution is very simple, but can also be called – genius!

This woman’s tool for stopping speeding motorists is a hairdryer, but she uses it on a very clever way. She just comes to the street pretending her hair dryer is a speed gun and it works like a charm. At least that is what this old lady claims. Neighbors say they have noticed a remarkable difference in the speed of traffic outside their homes since she started ‘acting like a cop.’

I Already Did
I Already Did

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