Grandma Grabs The Stool To Put Baby In Crib. What Security Camera Catches Next Has Mom Burst Out Laughing!

Short people wont admit it, but in some cases height really does matter. Everyone of you who have ever tried to grab something from the upper shelf and failed know what I am talking about. In this case, a 5-foot tall grandma had to place a baby into the crib, but the side rail was too high. What the camera captured next became memorable for her family.

Baby was sound asleep in Grandma’s arms and she just needed to put her in crib. But since her height is a little bit challenging, she reached for the stool. When she bent over, she suddenly lost the ground under her feet. The situations was just hilarious and Dad is heard laughing as he watches the video.

We are glad Grandma and a baby were fine, but I don’t think she loved the idea of posting this video online.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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