This Guy Just Found Out He is going to Be A Grandfather, But He Seems Not Too Happy – For A Second!

People say that raising children is as tough as it is rewarding, which means that you will have to show all your love but on the other hand set some boundaries. That does not apply to grandparents, being a grandfather or a grandmother is much more fun and you can forget about rules and routines and just enjoy with your grandchildren. Who would not like this, and that is why many people have the most amazing reactions when they find out they are going to become grandparents, and this one is definitely my first pick!

Justin Hall has decided to surprise his wife’s parents with the wonderful news by setting up a sign with details on a wall. He set up a hidden camera which caught their excitement. A future grandmother started screaming the moment she figured out what “Baby Hall 4-27-14” means, but grandpa seems not to excited, or perhaps he is just hiding his emotions. He waited to check if nobody sees him, and than made the most hilarious reaction ever! Have to see!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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