He Told Her To Look Up At The Glass Building. What She Saw Brought Her To Tears! Amazing!

Every woman on this world dreams about the day of her wedding and the moment when love of her life drops down on one knee and asks for her hand in marriage. Of course it is always better when a man gets creative and think out a unique and impressive proposal. We have seen so many marriage proposals so far, and everyone of them is beautiful in its own way, bu this one is really something special and amazing!

Everything took place in South Korea on Korean Valentine’s day (white day). A man took his girlfriend, Soojung on a date at a restaurant, and they set down by the window which was faced toward the tall glass building across the street. This guy invested enormous effort and arranged something so incredible that no woman on this planet could say no to this proposal. Check out why the video is called – Unforgettable Post-it Propose, and see why a woman was brought to tears!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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