She Was Suffering From Depression, And Doctors Had No Idea Why. Then The Girl’s Family Discovers The UNTHINKABLE

Rihanna was around the sixth grade when she began struggling with tantrums, anxiety, and compulsive behavior and her family started to worry because they had no idea why. She was a great girl with no behavior problems, an excellent softball pitcher and a gymnastics champion.

Then when she reached high school, things got even worse. Rihanna was now suffering from depression and experiencing suicidal thoughts. Doctors were confused and did not have an answer to this, none of them knew what was wrong. But when her parents started to lose hope, Rihanna’s aunts teamed up and found something interesting on the internet.

Some woman, whose son went through a very similar situation as Rihanna, wrote a blog about it and the symptoms were surprisingly the same. And just when her parents were getting ready to place her into a group home, they received a call…..

Check out the rest of Rihanna’s story and how she is doing now.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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