8 Girls Line Up On The Escalator In An Airport, But Their Next Move STUNNED The Crowd. UNBELIEVABLE!

Airports can be quite stressful places, especially during holidays. People get nervous and they don’t pay much attention to what is going around them. But, this time it was a little bit different, and I guess there were some missed flights for sure. A group of young girls prepared an unexpected and incredible surprise leaving everyone completely stunned!

People flying in and out of Ireland’s Dublin Airport had no idea they were about to witness an epic flash mob. Some very talented Irish dancers flooded the floor at the airport and broke into a routine that will keep the smile on your faces. They wanted to promote their new show and the unsuspecting visitors at the airport were pleasantly surprised.

Now, this is something I would love to see at every airport, and how about you? Watch the video and enjoy.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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