Girl Who Suffered A Devastating Injury Refused To Give Up Her True Passion. The Result? There Are No Words!!

Mariam Paré’s works have been exhibited in galleries all over the world. She’s a very talented and accomplished artist who has been featured on the radio and TV news shows, but her recognition did not come easy.

When she was 20, Mariam, a budding art student at the time, was the victim of a terrible tragedy. As she was driving with friends in Richmond, VA, her car was caught in the crossfire of gunshots. Mariam was hit by a bullet in her spine and became instantly paralyzed for life.

The incident nearly shattered the artist turned paraplegic, who could no longer finish her studies. It wasn’t until a physical therapist taught Mariam how to sign her name using her mouth that she realized she didn’t have to give up her true passion.

In the 17 years since then, Mariam has been diligently working on her paintings, using her mouth to hold the brush. Although this is not how Mariam wanted or expected her life to turn out, she says she is even more talented than she was before the accident. Her unique method gives her that much more credibility as a true visionary in the art world. Not to mention, her bravery, courage and passion is truly inspiring to all.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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