Some People Take Their Dogs for A Walk, But This Girl, She Walks Her Massive Stallion!

People take their dogs for a walk across the town every day, and there is nothing strange about it. Well, a woman named Carol is generally no different, except she does not have a dog. She is a proud owner of a majestic massive stallion named Apollo, and who said that you can’t take a horse for a walk?!

Every evening she and her Friesian stallion are taking a walk and it’s a sight to see. Carol says that he loves every minute of their little outing, and the big smile on her face says she loves it too. Seeing them together and it is so obvious they share an incredible bond. Carol calls this noble animal of hers a gentle giant who absolutely loves to show off!

No wonder Apolo was awarded a Grand Champion in-hand and show driving in the Netherlands, U.S., and Canada. He looks truly magnificent. Check out the video and share with all your friends animal lovers.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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