This Soldier Asks Her To Touch His Forehead. What Happens Next Will Make You Believe In Magic!

25-year-old Richard Jones is a soldier by profession, but he had always had a dream of becoming a magician. The show “Britain’s Got Talent,” came up with a perfect opportunity for him to show what he knows, and he grabbed it with both hands. Jones managed to pull of one of the most mind-blowing tricks I’ve seen to date, and the judges as well as the audience were left speechless! This performance earned him a pass to the next round of the competition and a big cheer from the crowd.

Check out how he succeeded into sending Amanda Holden’s thoughts directly into his mind just by asking her to touch his forehead, and to pour a cup of steaming tea – from a sealed can of orange soda! Whether you believe in magic or not, you have to pay credit to this guy, he is just amazing. Don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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