4 Year Old Sings The Famous Easter Hymn. Her Voice Will Melt Your Heart

Claire Ryann is only 4 years now old but that did not stop her from becoming quite a star. Claire wowed us all with her beautiful voice and pure performances. Our hearts melted while we listened to her, singing Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story and Little Mermaid. Well, now she is back again with an even more impressive performance!

This young lady made it just on time to cover us in goosebumps while she sings the words to the famous Christian hymn, “Beautiful Savior.” With a voice of an angel, and such a moving lyrics, this is definitely something you don’t wont to miss. Claire’s parents shared her touching Easter video, and I am sure they are very proud of their daughter.

Check out this beautiful song and share with all your friends and family.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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