She Grew Up With 2 Gorillas. Watch What Happened When They Met 12 Years Later! I’m In Tears!

Tansy Aspinall was just a little baby when her father, a world known conservationist Damian Aspinall, introduced her with two gorillas he saved, and since than 12 years have past. Djalta and Bimms, two gorillas who were born in captivity, were released into the forest of Gabon, West Africa as part of a conservation programme to re-introduce gorillas back to the wild. Now Damian and Tansy came back to try and find them having no idea if they would even recognize them.

After days of looking for Djalta and Bimms, they finally found them, and the moment they saw each other was priceless. After so many years, gorillas instantly remembered the person who saved them, but watch how they reacted on seeing Tansy. This was one of those moments when you can not help but shed a tear.


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