This Girl Is Trying To Practice Flute, But Her Napping Dog Don’t Appreciate Her Efforts

Learning to play flute takes time and countless hours of practice before you can master the skill. Young lady you are about to meet knows this and is trying to work hard, but there is a little problem. Her beloved dog is literally fed up with the musical sounds, and just can not take it any more.

To make things even worse, this time she decided to play while the pooch is trying to take a nap. His response left the girl and the entire internet laughing out loud. As soon as she hits some notes, he makes the weirdest noise ever. It sounds like a grizzly bear or some terrifying monster.

Now, we are not quite sure if he is complaining or just trying to catch up with the song. We think it’s better if you decide for yourself. However, one thing is certain – he is just hilarious, so don’t hesitate to share!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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