This Little Girl Hits A Police Officer With A Snowball. His Reaction? Hilarious!

Police work is often full of stress and they do a very important public service, so it is quite reasonable that we do not see them often having fun and enjoying some other things besides police duties. But, these couple of police officers from the Raleigh Police, North Carolina have found themselves in a situation that they just could not resist.

The snow has covered the big part of Raleigh, and the children of course decided to make the most of all that whiteness. This funny video shows a group of children at the local park having fun, but when these police officers came up to check if everything is just right, kids included them in the game, and they went along. On the clip posted by The News & Observer you can see them on sleds and in a snowball fight. Kids obviously loved it, and the policemen showed how funny can be.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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