Nobody Believed In Her, Her Parents, Closest Friends. But She Had The Power To Succeed Inside Her!

Who ever said that you have to be skinny to be a pole dancer?! Eda Marbury is the perfect proof that size really does not matter, what matters is how you feel about yourself!

Eda became quite an internet sensation when she started pole dancing. There are many who do not approve what she is doing, but she is definitely an inspiration for thousands of women around the world!

Eda had eating disorder since the time she was in high school, but failed to admit to herself. After she met her husband in college, Eda battled with depression and her weight grew up to 330lb. That affected her confidence a lot and had a great impact on her life.

It was only when she began pole dancing that she started feeling better and not just about her weight. People battling with eating disorders and confidence issues found inspiration in Eda, and she fulfilled her passion.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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