This Looks Like A Normal Store. But When The Lights Go Out Something Awesome Happens

Best customer care service… I dare you not to smile!… but doing this on a Black Friday!

What seems like a regular trip getting groceries at the Edeka Supermarket in Germany takes a sudden holiday twist when the lights dim leaving the customers wonder what is happening. With 13 hidden cameras set up, these cashiers give them a fun holiday surprise that leaves them all cheering for more. Now that’s a fun trip to the grocery store!

Enjoy in this amazing performance celebrating Christmas spirit the only way we know how – by buying a crapload of stuff. These guys sure enjoyed the awesome rendition of a familiar tune performed by bottles of their favorite drinks and boxes of cereals as they go through registers, but I’d like to see a look on their faces when they see a receipt. LOL.

German engineered BRILLIANCE!!!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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