Garth Brooks Sees A Sign In The Audience And Immediately Stops The Concert. What It Says Leaves Him In Disbelief

Garth Brooks is definitely one of the greatest country singers in the history, and it’s no wonder people all over the world love him. Garth’s concerts are always something special cause this guy knows how to put on a memorable show. Usually, the fans are those who can’t stop crying, but this time, he was the one that ended up in tears…

During the concert, Garth noticed a woman holding a sign, then stopped in the middle of his performance. A future bride to be wrote: “I postponed my wedding to be here.” He could not believe it, and decided to belt out “She’s Every Woman” just for her. But, his serenade was not nearly finished when she pulled off another sign…

This took Garth completely off guard and laughing so hard that he started crying. He just said “I’m singing the wrong song for you then, honey.” and changed the tune. The crowd was in hysterics.

Check out the amazing show and wait to see how this woman stole Garth’s heart.

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Things got SO wild in Louisiana, even Garth was speechless…but he did have a song for it!!! Get ready for #StudioG tonight. -Team Garth

Posted by Garth Brooks on Monday, June 26, 2017

I Already Did
I Already Did

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