Squirrel Tastes The Most Delicious Nut In The World, Then Falls on Its Back With Delight

If you’ve seen any of the recent Ice Age movies, then you are certainly aware that squirrels just love nuts. Ok, maybe not so much as Scrat does, but it’s definitely among their favorite food. Well, the squirrel you are about to meet on this video had probably found the most delicious nut in the world. Other than this we can’t see any other reasons for a reaction like this.

He looks so happy to have found such a tasty food as he takes a nibble. The next thing, he tumbles backwards with delight. This video is just hilarious, and the best part is, he continues eating while on the ground!

What do you think about this happy squirrel? Did he really found the most delicious nut in the world or perhaps he’s had a little too much fermented fruit? Tell us what you think and don’t forget to share!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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