Group Of Teens Boos The Cop Who Wants To Silence Them, But Keep An Eye On His Next Move…INCREDIBLE

There is nothing unusual about having a police officer during a football game, but they should not have to spoil the fun. That is exactly what the group of noisy students was thinking when they came to cheer for their team. Nobody expected that an officer would climb the stands and try to quiet them down…

The situation heated up when school resource officer Jack Taschner told the impromptu cheerleader to seat down. The angry crowd immediately boo the cop, but then he turned to the field and did something completely unexpected! He had no idea to break out the fun, he just wanted to cheer-lead himself!

Tashner burst out into some hilarious moves and soon he was no alone. Teens started joining him in and it was just priceless. This definitely is not an ordinary cop, or is he?

I Already Did
I Already Did

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