An Unbelievable Friendship Between A Bear and A Tiger, But Wait, There is a Third Companion! WOW

What you are about to see on this video, you will not see anywhere else! Forget anything you know or you have heard about wild animals cause this kind of behavior between not two, but three entirely different species is just incredible! The clip is a part of BBC One’s “Animal Odd Couples” and so far they have introduced us to some of the strangest and cutest animal friendships, but this one is really something!

Meet an American black bear named Baloo who has been living in a sanctuary since he was a little cub. This bear has formed a friendship with some other animals that you would never guess that it could be ever possible. His best friends are a lion named Leo, and a 12-year-old Bengal tiger named Shere-Khan. The love and affection between them is just unbelievable, even when they are sleeping they pile in together. You just have to see this, it is like watching a cartoon! Incredible!


I Already Did
I Already Did

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