Strange Crying Sounds Were Coming from A Drain, But This Surprise No One Saw Coming

Wild animals usually don’t get near urban areas, but sometimes they just get lost.

Locals were quite surprised when they noticed an adult fox in the neighborhood, but the strangest part was that she was not moving. She seemed anxious and kept standing near some hole. After taking a closer look, bystanders immediately alerted the animal rescue team…

Cries were coming from down the drain pipe and they realized it was a fox cub that got stuck inside. Poor baby could not get out of it, not on its own, so the good people had to act fast. While they tried to free the cub, Mom stood still and had no intention of running away. It seemed almost like she knew they are going to save her little one.

After a while, it was finally free and ready to reunite with it’s mother. It was a priceless moment but how Mom reacted is just amazing!

I Already Did
I Already Did

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