This 10-year-old Delivers A Sensational Performance Of Sinatra’s Classic, “Fly Me To The Moon.” Her First Note Left Us Completely Awestruck

Steve Harvey’s ‘Little Big Shots’ is becoming an extremely popular show and it’s not hard to see why. Steve opened the door for talented children and people all over the world are fascinated with their performances. One of the very best that took this stage is definitely a 10-year-old Angelina Jordan.

Angelina stepped up to perform Sinatra’s classic, “Fly Me To The Moon,” and with the first note Steve was completely amazed. This little girl had a role model in today’s most popular female songstresses such as Adele, Kelly Clarkson, and Taylor Swift. After a performance like this, there is no doubt, in a few years, she will knock them of the throne.

It’s just impressive how much she delivers at such a young age. I am looking forward to hearing this young lady more in the future.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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