They Were Riding Down A Flooded River When The Waters Suddenly Came Alive. UNBELIEVABLE!

Now this is what I call a fishing trip! It was a fine day for a family to go out and spend some time in the nature. Dad and his boys were traveling down the flooded river in Illinois, when suddenly something started disturbing the water.

Seconds later carp fish were flying out! It seemed like the river came alive and started sending the fish out. Dozens of carp fish eagerly flung their bodies through the air and over their boat.

Dad was shouting to his boys to duck for cover, but they were too excited. It does not happen every day to see fish flying in the air, and they were not going to miss the show. Well, all of them except the youngest who was hiding the entire time in front of the boat. When they returned home, they counted 70 plus Asian Carp in their boat!

From now on, this day is certainly going to be called, a Carp-attack day.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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