They Fitted A Turtle with A GoPro Camera, And The Result Is This Incredible Video!

This is one truly incredible video and perhaps one of the best views on the Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Everything was done with the help of a turtle which was equipped with small GoPro camera, and this amazing eye view tour is like nothing you have seen before, it even reminded me a little on some cartoon.

The idea came from the World Wildlife Fund, and this organization wanted to explore the effects of pollution on turtles who live amongst Queensland. The purpose of fitting previously tagged green turtles with small GoPro cameras was to better understand their post-release behavior. These turtles are just one of the more than 6000 species which live in this area, and some of them can be seen on the clip. Even though United Nations’ World Heritage Committee decided against declaring the reef “in danger,” situation will be closely monitored.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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