21-Year-Old Gets His Huge First Paycheck And Surprises Parents With An Unthinkable Present

This is going to be one hard Christmas present to follow! 21 year old son just got his first paycheck and decided to surprise his parents with something they would never forget – literally!

His name is Pavin Smith and this young man was the seventh overall draft pick in this year’s baseball draft. He signed to the Arizona Diamondbacks and was given a hefty $5 million bonus. That is quite a lot of money but if you thought he immediately went shopping for a fancy car or something like that, you would be so wrong.

Pavin just showed the entire world what a fine young man he turned into, and who is responsible for that. He penned a letter to his parents explaining what is exactly their Christmas present. They sat down to read it and then realized the amazing truth. Their son payed off his parents’ entire mortgage!

Watch their reaction on this heartwarming video and tell us what you think about it. Don’t forget to SHARE this incredible act of kindness.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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