Sick Puppy Sees A Firefighter Who Saved Her Life And She is More Then Excited

A firefighter Mike Thawley from Fire Station 14 in Sacramento recently found a sick puppy tied up in the rain. This good man knew he could not leave her all alone, as it was clear that no one was taking care of the poor pup. He cleaned her up and took her to the Front Street Animal Shelter where she would receive all the necessary medical attention.

The next day, he came back to check up on his new friend and the reunion was absolutely incredible. Chunkie, as he named her, was so happy to see the man who saved her life. She obviously missed him very much cause she wall all over him. It was such a beautiful scene!

Mike is now considering about adopting Chunkie. Hope he will get the approval, as they are just perfect together.

Check out the video and share with all of your friends animal lovers.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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