She Walks Up To An Elephant And Starts Singing his Favorite Song. Now Watch What Happens A Few Seconds Later…

You know how kids love to hear their moms singing lullabies to them before they go to sleep, well they are not the only ones. Meet Faamai, a very grown up elephant, but only if we are looking at her size. They call her the “gentle giant,” and the reason why is because she loves when her caretaker is singing to her.

This video was taken at the her home in Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park and what you can see is just adorable. As Faamai’s caretaker approaches to her, she starts singing the elephant’s favorite lullaby. A few seconds later, Faamai pulls her friend in closer with her trunk and lays on the ground. It does not take long before she gently falls asleep.

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I Already Did
I Already Did

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