This Family`s Silly Christmas Tradition Is Way Better Then Any Holiday Card

If you are getting tired of writing Christmas cards, then maybe you should reconsider starting a new holiday tradition. 6 years ago, Orgill family had an idea, and it started as a joke. Now, every year around the same time, they get together and perform their annual Christmas dance. This year’s is probably better than all the ones before it, and it’s taking the internet by storm!

The eight Orgill children and any other willing family members know how to have a good fun. They just put on their moms silly Christmas sweaters and choose an upbeat song. This time, the pick went for Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me,” and it`s guaranteed to get you on your feet. They put a lot of practice in this performance, but they definitely have some dancing skills!

Now if this video does not get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will. Don’t forget to spread a smile.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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