He Saw A Distressed Duck Standing Near The Storm Drain, And When He Approached He Could Not Believe His Own Eyes!

While passing through the parking lot, some man saw a distressed duck standing near the grate of a storm drain. He thought that it might be ill, but when he approached he heard a strange cry coming from below the drain. After taking a closer look he realized that it`s little ducklings were trapped inside, and to make things worst, the weather forecast was not good.

Good people organized very fast, but the problem was that the ducklings were inside a storm drain which had a sealed cover. They found a couple of hand-held fishnets and one by one these little cuties were up on the safe and running towards their mother. It was a fantastic rescue and these wonderful people have done a great thing, but a true savior was a mother duck who was not going to leave them and stood there until someone came.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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