Heroic Family Dog Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice To Save A Baby Girl Trapped In House!

Erika Poremski left her home for just a second to get something out of her car when the fire broke out in the house. In almost no time at all, it was completely engulfed in flames. Her 8-month-old baby, Viviana was trapped inside.

It was a devastating situation. She heard her daughter crying but she had no way to get to her. The entire neighborhood tried but nobody could get her out. Erika burned her face and hands while she was trying to fight her way back in the house, but the flames were just too strong…When the firefighters arrived she feared the worst….

When firemen got inside, they were stunned to see the family dog Polo lying on top of Viviana, protecting her from flames. This heroic dog literally saved her life. He did not ran out and tried to save himself, he stayed with her the entire time and shielded her from the fire. Viviana only had burns on her side because of it, but unfortunately Polo did not make it.

After hearing this story, the entire community started showing their support and raising money for the family. Polo gave the ultimate sacrifice for his owner and his heroic deed will certainly never be forgotten.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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