Guy Fakes Death In Front Of His Beloved Kitten, Response Leaves Him Completely Disappointed

We all love our pets and we often consider them part of the family. Whether you have a dog or a cat or some other animal, eventually they grow into your heart and stay there forever. Of course, we like to think that love is mutual, but have you ever wondered – is it really?

Some guy adopted a cat back in the summer of 2007 and is very proud of his now 10-year-old Bengal mix. He named him Sparta, which might be unusual name for a kitten, but as you will see, suits him perfectly. Sparta lives a pretty good life for a cat, he eats good food, has lots of toys, and plays all day long.

Sparta’s owner obviously loves him very much, but one day he asked himself, “What would my cat do if I suddenly died?” This kept bugging him, so he decided to put his beloved cat to a test. The scenario goes like this, he would fake his own death in front of Sparta and wait to see how would he react.

Well, he certainly got his answer, but I am not sure he was pleased with it. On the other hand, maybe Sparta called his bluff, and tricked us all. Think about it. One thing is certain, you will have a big laugh.

I Already Did
I Already Did

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