Why The Pallas’ Cat Should Become Your New Favorite Animal This is So Cool but kinda Creepy too.

What you are about to see on this video is an extremely rare sight, and you would not want to miss it! The camera was set just right and fortunately caught an amazing footage. If you look closely at the beginning of this video, you will see something furry just behind this rock crevice. When I saw it, I thought that it was just an overweight house cat, but in fact this animal, considered as one of the clumsiest members of feline family, is Pallas’s cat or if you prefer latin – Otocolobus manul.

This species like to spend time in caves during the day, but this one was obviously intrigued by the camera. It ran straight to it, and took a pretty good selfie. I guess that it just wanted to become famous, and according to YouTube hits, it made it! Unfortunately these cats are threatened with extinction, because of illegal hunting mostly for their fur.


I Already Did
I Already Did

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